Tips for Selecting Wide-Width
Running Shoes

You are probably well aware of your need for wide-width running shoes. Shoes that are not designed with extra width rub the sides of your feet, leaving painful blisters.

Runner with Sore Feet

You may also have calluses along the edges of your feet due to your feet rubbing uncomfortably against shoes that are too narrow for your feet. You will limit your options some when shopping only for wide-width running shoes, but there are some impressive shoes on the market if you are willing to search them out.

Know Your Brands for Wide-Width Running Shoes

Some athletic shoe brands are known for running quite narrow while others are known for offering a variety of widths and other sizing options. Once you start researching the running shoe market, you will quickly pick up on name brands that carry a larger variety of wide-width shoes. You can then shop for the best prices in those brands online.

This gives you a lot more options, since you will find more color and style selections online than in most local stores. Asics, Brooks, Mizuno and New Balance are just a few name brands that offer excellent wide-width shoes for women.

Tell-Tale Signs of Wide-Friendly Shoes

Wide Width Running Shoe

If your feet are not excessively wide, you will find that many standard women’s running shoes will fit if they are designed correctly. Here are some tell-tale signs that will hint a shoe may fit your foot without the “wide width” designation:

  • Square toe box: the more it points, the less likely it is to fit your wide foot comfortably.
  • Mesh upper: plastic fitted over the toe box will constrict more while mesh material allows some expansion to accommodate your foot.

There is one other problem that you may encounter when fitting your wide foot into a running shoe: the length of the shoelaces. If you find a great pair of shoes that fit comfortably but find the laces too short, you can buy a longer pair of laces in the color of your choice. The longer laces will allow you to loosely tie the shoes, offering more room.

Are Your Feet Borderline Wide?

If your feet feel just a bit too snug in most running shoes but wide-width shoes are a bit too roomy, it is best to go with the wider width. Shoes that are too narrow will feel uncomfortable during your runs, slowing you down and interfering with your performance. They will also leave you with painful blisters if they are too tight.

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