Where to Buy Running
Shoes of High Quality

Many new runners do not know where to buy running shoes.  While you can find a small selection of running shoes in many department stores, those stores will not meet the needs of most serious runners.

Where to Buy Running Shoes

You want to browse a variety of shoes in order to find the perfect shoe for the specific needs of your feet. If you are going to pay for a running shoe, you want it to fit like a glove and deliver the support and cushioning necessary for running success.

Specialty Stores

If you want to shop in your local community so that you can try different shoes on before making a purchase, specialty running shops are your best option. These shops will have professionals on hand who know about running shoes on an expert level. They will give you advice and insight that you simply cannot get from someone working at your typical department store.

Professionals at a specialty store will analyze your feet and ask questions about your running life. They will know which shoes are suitable for the locations where you train and for the races you want to tackle in the upcoming race season. If you are just starting out, they will help you find a good running shoe for beginners.

You may also get the chance to run on a treadmill so that the professionals can see how your feet pronate and move. This will help them select the perfect shoe for your natural running style. Once you select a shoe, they will ensure that you get the right fit for the type of sock that you want to wear during runs.

What about Online Shopping?

If you don’t have a running specialty store in your area or you don’t like the selection and prices available at your local specialty shop, the second-best shopping venue is the Internet. Some of the best websites for running shoe shopping include the following:

  • Amazon
  • Zappos
  • Roadrunner Sports
  • Holabird Sports

Many runners prefer Amazon because they have warehouses across the country and can get shoes from their facilities to your doorstep rather quickly. They also have a great return policy, and you can almost always score free shipping. This site also has an excellent buyer review system, and that always makes selecting shoes online much easier.

If you are going to shop through other online stores, make sure to read the return policy before you make a purchase. If you receive the wrong shoe or decide that it isn’t the right option for you, you need to know that you can return the shoes for a refund.

From Store to Internet

When determining where to buy running shoes, many runners use a combination of specialty store shopping and online shopping to score the best deals on running shoes. You can start by visiting a specialty store to consult with a professional who knows the shoe industry. Once you know which shoes work best for your feet and what size you need, you can shop online to find a wider selection of colors, styles and sizes.

The benefit here is getting the best price. Make sure to consider the cost of shipping into the final price, and compare prices between several websites. You may find that you can get multiple pair of running shoes online for slightly more than you would pay for one pair in a specialty store.

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