Specialty Running Shoes for
Women with Unique Needs

Shopping for running shoes for women is simple if you aren’t concerned about maximum support and safety.  All you would need to do is look for deals online or go to a local store and find a pair that will match your cutest running clothes.

Speciality Running Shoes for Women

However, if you are serious about getting the most out of every pair of shoes while protecting and supporting your feet on short and long runs, then you need to think about purchasing specialty shoes designed for your specific running needs. This guide will help you identify the right specialty running shoes for your feet.

Where, When and Why?

The first step to purchasing running shoes for women is always to determine where you will run, when you will run and why you will run. The where is basically an issue of indoors or outdoors and the type of surface you will spend most of your time pounding. There are separate markets for women’s trail running shoes and women’s road running shoes, and you may select different shoes if you prefer to run on a treadmill or in grassy areas.

You may also select different running shoes depending on your local climate, the climate for an upcoming race if you will travel, or seasonal training. The reasons you have for running matter as well because those reasons determine how many miles you will run at any given time and over the season.

If this is a serious hobby and you want to run multiple races in the upcoming season, then you may invest more money in your running shoe than someone who might run a mile here and there as part of their overall fitness routine. A serious or professional runner may focus more on construction and support while a hobbyist may focus more on color and style. If you know your intentions, you can select the best running shoe for your feet and your budget.

What are Your Goals?

Do you want running shoes that will carry you over the finish line faster than your personal best? Or do you need exceptional grip as you race up hills and through difficult terrain? Your fitness goals will give you the most insight into the type of running shoes you need. Some shoes are designed for maximum support while others are designed for minimal protection in the barefoot running style. They are all specialty running shoes for women, but they are designed for very specific running needs.

Get to Know Your Feet

The design of your optimal running shoe depends on the unique design of your foot. Here are some things you need to consider before selecting a shoe:

  • Size
  • High, normal or flat arch
  • Pronation

You always want to size your running shoes so that you have about a thumb’s width of room between the tip of your big toe and the tip of your shoe. This allows your foot to expand comfortably during your long runs. Not every woman has matching foot sizes, and it is possible to get specialty running shoes that match each foot for maximum comfort

You can check your arch by getting your feet wet and then stepping onto pavement. This will leave a wet footprint that will reveal your foot’s natural arch. Pronation refers to the way your ankle rolls when your foot hits the ground. Your foot will either touch down on the outside edge of your foot (supination), the inside edge (over-pronation) or the middle of your foot (neutral). You can find shoes designed for all of these natural running styles.

The Perfect Running Shoe for You

The best running shoe for your feet will fit your running goals, location, season and natural foot design. They will feel comfortable when standing in line at the bank without falling apart on your longest runs. They will allow your feet to breathe or provide protection from moisture. They will deliver the cushioning and arch support you need for safety without feeling mushy.

That is a lot to ask of a women’s running shoe, but there are many specialty designs out there. Once you know your needs, you can narrow down the market to find the best matches.

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