Best Running Shoes for High Arches

There are running shoes for high arches that will support your feet much better than other options on the market today.

Woman Running in the City

If your feet have high arches, the impact of striking the ground will fall to your heel and the front ball of your foot. The midsection of your foot will arch too high to absorb its share of the impact. This naturally calls for a running shoe that provides extra cushioning to help your foot properly roll through the movement of running without placing too much stress on particular areas of your foot.

Best Types of Best Running Shoes for High Arches:

Your foot won’t do well in a motion-control running shoe, but there are three types of shoes that you may select as a high-arched runner:

1. Neutral running shoes that provide all-over support and comfort. This is the best option if your arches are not exceptionally high. If you do not over-pronate but also don’t have extremely high arches, then you are probably going to get the support you need from a neutral shoe.

Nike Air Pegasus+ 29

Some suggestions are the Asics Gel Nimbus 14 running shoe or the Nike Air Pegasus+ 29 running shoe. Both of these shoes offer impressive cushioning throughout the shoe and are designed with durable materials on the outsole. The Asics running shoe provides built-in gel inserts in addition to the cushioning.

2. High-arch running shoes that provide extra support in the arch. These shoes go heavy on cushion in the arch of the shoe to make up for your high arches. This gives you the feel of running with a lower arch, but you have to ensure that the shoe is not too high in the arch for comfort. Definitely give these shoes a test run in a store before buying online.

Many high-arched runners wear the Salmon XR Mission running shoe. Not only is it designed for arch support, but it can go from the road to the trail without sacrificing your speed or comfort. This is a flexible shoe that will work well with a variety of foot shapes.

3. Minimal or barefoot running shoes that provide little to no support for your foot. That may sound harsh, but many high-arched runners prefer to enhance the natural strength of their feet rather than layering on the cushioning. These shoes will protect your feet from debris and other harmful things found on the ground without providing much protection from the strain of impact during running.

The Altra Intuition 1.5 running shoe for women is a good example of a minimal running shoe suitable for high arches. It is designed to hold your foot in its natural form and is designed specifically for features common to women’s feet.

Don’t Forget Durability!

You can find running shoes adequate for high arches that are designed for many different types of running. For instance, there are trail running shoes and cross trainers as well as general runners designed for outdoor pavement. While considering the amount of support for the arch is important, you also need to consider the durability of the outsole so that your shoe lasts 300-400 miles without falling apart.

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