Best Running Shoes for
Heavy Runners

The best running shoes for heavy runners can really help you to avoid injury and allow you to enjoy the benefits of running more.

Your body can benefit tremendously from running whether you are overweight or are simply heavier due to a muscular or tall frame. Each time your foot strikes the ground, shock equal to as much as eight times your bodyweight will register through your feet and into other joints in your lower body. This is why some people recommend overweight runners start out walking or completing walk/jog workouts until a healthy body weight is achieved.

Heavy Runner

You don’t have to put your love for running to the side in order to protect your body from the tension that is naturally created by this exercise. You simply need to invest in a great pair of running shoes designed for the heavy runner. In most cases, this means purchasing a motion-control shoe designed for flat-foot runners and over-pronaters.

Test Your Feet

Many heavy runners have low arches and some have flat feet entirely. You may find that your foot over-pronates, which means that more of your arch rolls over the ground as you move your foot through a ground strike. Your foot simply rolls inward a little more than neutral-pronated feet. There are running shoes designed to limit this inward roll so that your feet comfortably move through ground strikes without risking overuse injuries.

Step into water and walk over pavement outdoors or make a full-bodyweight mark on a piece of paper. If you see a full footprint, you are an over-pronater and need shoes designed for that tendency, or more specifically motion-controlled shoes. If you see toes and a heel connected by a thin line, then you have a neutral or high arch and need a different shoe entirely, such as  non-motion control shoes.

The best running shoes for heavy runners Have Shock-Absorbing Cushion

Heavy runners also need shoes that provide more cushioning than other runners may need. This allows the shoe to absorb some of the shock naturally produced during a run so that your joints and feet are at lower risk of injury. If you over-pronate, the cushioning may be placed in the front and rear of the foot rather than throughout the entire shoe. If you don’t overpronate (which is most common in runners with neutral or high arches), then you may go with a neutral shoe with added cushioning throughout the entire foot.

Recommended Running Shoes for Heavy Runners

Best Running Shoes for Heavy Runners

If you are heavy and tend to over-pronate or have flat feet, check out the Nike Lady LunarGlide + 4 running shoes. They have a unique type of cushioning that creates a springy feel that is super supportive for heavy runners. The design also implements foam of two densities and other supportive and comforting layers that help with pronation control while absorbing shock so that your body doesn’t take a beating with every run.

If you have a neutral foot or high arch, Nike makes the Zoom Vomero+ 7 running shoe. The midsole is cushioned from toe to heel, so every inch of your foot will receive the support and comfort it needs for safe running. This unique shoe is designed to fit your foot like a glove, so they maximize support and shock absorption without adding bulk.


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