Nike Lunar Eclipse
Running Shoe Review

Nike Lunar Eclipse Running Shoe

The Nike Lunar Eclipse runners from Nike are used just as often for everyday wear and cross training as they are for running. Many runners pick them up because they are so versatile and can be worn on runs, long walks or to the gym on strength training days. They are considered moderately supportive, but they do feature a crash pad designed to offer some correction for over-pronation. Yet, they are not designed specifically for over-pronating feet, so don’t let that feature rule them out.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Foam cushioning
  • Varied color selection
  • Decoupled crash pad
  • Flexible mesh design

Foam Cushioning

If you want your running shoes to protect your feet from the force created when you strike the ground, look no further than the Nike Lunar Eclipse. If there is one thing that consumers love about these shoes, it is that they have extra foam cushioning throughout the entire shoe. The foam is placed inside a supportive carrier so that they don’t become too soft, and many runners find them incredibly comfortable as well as slightly supportive.

Varied Color Selection

While you know that it is not good to select a running shoe based on color or style, every woman still wants a cute pair of shoes that look just as great walking through the mall as they do running the track or through the neighborhood. Nike designed these shoes for that side of every woman. You will find these in a wide selection of color options, ranging from the bright and splashy to the neutral, understated palates.

Decoupled Crash Pad

This is an important feature for a pair of women’s running shoes because the decoupled design of this crash pad was put in place specifically for the female foot. This crash pad reduces absorbs some of the impact created when your foot hits the ground, adding some protection to your joints and muscles as you run. This is also the only design feature that helps correct over-pronation. It isn’t substantial correction like you will find on running shoes designed just for over-pronaters, but it is worth noting in case you need slight support in this area.

Nike Lunar Eclipse Mesh Design

Nike Lunar Eclipse Flexible Mesh Design

Nike designed these shoes to move with your foot rather than pushing against it. The shoe is covered in mesh and has many features that are designed for breathability and flexibility. The back of the shoe is molded and offers more support, but the front of the shoe is covered in mesh for a lighter, airy fit. The sockliner is molded for support, but synthetic overlays are designed to move with the foot for more flexibility.

What are Runners Saying?

It isn’t easy to find a negative Nike Lunar Eclipse review. These shoes are loved by runners as well as people who simply want to live an active lifestyle. Due to the wide variety of color options and exceptional cushioning for maximum comfort, runners are wearing these shoes in their daily lives in addition to their training sessions. Some consumers also use them as cross trainers because they are so comfortable.

The popularity of the shoe may also be due to the wide range of color options. When you select a shoe for cross training or every day wear, you want to match the shoe to the clothing you typically wear throughout the day. If you have a sporty style, you will find at least a couple pair of these shoes that fit your wardrobe well.

If you are searching for a shoe specifically for running and need a lot of support or have heavy over-pronation issues, you may want to look at other Nike running shoes designed for that type of support. For a neutral or slightly over-pronated foot, these may work for you.

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