Nike Flyknit Lunar
Running Shoe Review

The Nike Flyknit Lunar running shoe is popular with runners not only because it is lightweight and stylish, but also because it is one of the few eco-friendly options on the market

Nike Flynit Lunar Running Shoes

Are you tired of the same old mesh covering your running shoes? For years, mesh has been the standard material for lightweight, flexible and breathable shoes that don’t leave your feet sopped with sweat and blisters. Nike came out with the Flyknit Lunar running shoes to offer an alternative, and with great success. The knitting provides a unique style that many runners love while still giving the shoe breathability and flexibility. The question is whether they will work for your feet.

Noteworthy Features for the Nike Flyknit Lunar:

  • Lightweight knit design
  • Impressive color selection
  • Eco-friendly

Lightweight Knit Design

This is the feature that created all the hype when Nike first released the Flyknit Lunar running shoe. The knitting gives a fresh look to Nike running shoes, which tend to have a common look, even if it is rather stylish. Yet, the appearance of the shoe is not what makes the knit design impressive. The shoe is incredibly lightweight for fast running thanks to this single layer of knitting making up most of the upper shoe. If you want to shave a couple ounces off of your shoe so that you can pick up your feet faster and get moving on race day, you may want to check out Nike’s knit design.

Impressive Color Selection

This is a standard perk of shopping with Nike. As one of the most popular shoes on the market today, they typically release women’s running shoes in a variety of color combinations. You can find splashy colors that stand out or go with something more neutral and understated. Whatever your personal style, you will find at least one pair of Nike Flyknit Lunar shoes that appeal to you.


Besides the lunar soles, these shoes are made from recyclable materials. This is a nice addition to the shoe that may appeal to some runners, but it does not impact the functionality of the shoe.

What are Runners Saying?

There is overwhelming support for these shoes from runners who use them for everyday wear or light runs. Some runners find them inadequate in support for long runs or race days, but others note that they are adequate for any type of run. If you need a lot of support, you may want to look at other women’s running shoes before making your final purchase.

There are some reviews that state the heel slips or that you need to go up a half size because they run small, but then there are many reviews that state the shoes fit true to size without slippage. This controversy may come from the softer feel of the cushioned shoe. Some note that the heel slips slightly when you walk, but it is not a problem once you actually start running.

While most reviewers love this shoe for its style and overall comfort, some do not find it supportive enough for serious running. This is something to keep in mind if you are searching for serious running shoes that will take your feet through intense training to a successful race day. These Nike shoes may look great with your outfit, but put a question mark on whether they will support your feet for intense workouts.

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