New Balance Fresh Foam
Women's Running Shoe Review

When the New Balance Fresh Foam women’s running shoes were introduced in 2014, industry pros paid attention because they don’t look or act like your run-of-the-mill shoes.

New Balance Fresh Foam

They have a unique design that catches the eye, but they aren’t fluff shoes that end up being all show and no action. Many runners consider these the perfect shoes for short runs or freestyle running, and many will use them for everyday wear when they may want to catch a run on the fly. The catch is that some runners wouldn’t consider them serious options for intense training or race days.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Comfort cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Unique style
  • Flat outsole
  • Wide design

Comfort Cushioning

The foam used to create this shoe is what made it stand out when it was first released on the market. The cushioning is there for comfort, but the shoe still feels firm and supportive. While the comfort is there throughout the shoe, you will find that the foam is harder than the foam used in some other running shoes.


The weight of your running shoe is important if you want to pick up some speed without feeling held back. The lightweight, flexible design of the Fresh Foam running shoes will allow you to go as fast or slow as you want without any control issues.

New Balance Fresh Foam Has Unique Style

If New Balance wanted to design a women’s running shoe that would visibly stand out in today’s market, they succeeded with the honeycomb-like pattern covering this shoe. This design even extends down to the foam layers on the bottom of the shoe for a consistent, even flow. They almost look like they are covered in a quilted pattern, so they naturally make you want to stop and look.

Flat Outsole

The outsole of a running shoe is the bottom sole that hits the ground when you run. Some running shoes are designed to control the portions of your shoe that hit the ground, but New Balance designed the Fresh Foam runners with a flat outsole. This allows complete contact with the ground each time your foot strikes, allowing more stability without stealing control from your feet. If you want to feel like you are in control of every step, these shoes will give you what you want.

Wide Design

Do you have wide feet? Are you tired of overlays that provide a “glove” fit for others but nothing but blisters for you? You may want to try on these shoes because they do not have those restricting overlays and are designed for a wider fit.

What are Runners Saying?

If you have a neutral foot with a typical arch, you should find these New Balance Fresh Foam running shoes a comfortable fit. They are not designed for heavy pronation control or to combat other running issues, so most runners categorize them as a neutral stability trainer.

The reviews on the special foam used for cushioning and support are varied. Some runners find the firm foam comforting but not too soft, but others find them a bit too hard for comfort. If you want super soft support, you may not find the firmer foam of this shoe suitable. Yet, many runners find that they become more comfortable after a run or two.

While New Balance wanted to make a splash in the market and position this shoe as different from the rest, many runners conclude that they feel more like an average running shoe than something noteworthy. That doesn’t take away the fact that they have a unique style many runners enjoy and are stable options for light runs or playing in the yard with your family.

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