Are Motion-Control Running
Shoes Right for You?

If your feet are well-suited to motion-control running shoes, chances are high that you will find most other types of running shoes uncomfortable and unsupportive. You may also find that you wear other types of running shoes down too quickly, particularly along the inner edges of the soles. This type of running shoe provides superior inner-foot and arch support and helps minimize the inward roll of the foot during running, so it isn’t the right type of running shoe for everyone.

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You may be perfectly suited to motion-controlled shoes if you fit into any of the following groups:

  • Your feet are over-pronated. This means that your feet roll inward when you run, placing more pressure on the arches and inner edges of your feet.
  • You are overweight or obese. The higher body weight places more pressure on your feet, so you require greater support.
  • You have flat feet, so you need shoes that absorb some of the pressure exerted on the inner edges of your feet.
  • Your feet need extra help with stabilization for other reasons specific to your feet.

Most runners use motion-controlled shoes after identifying over-pronation as an obstacle to their running lives. The drastic inward roll of the foot puts runners at increased risk of injury because too much pressure is placed on the arch or inner edge of the foot.

If you are flat-footed, then you probably need motion-controlled running shoes. You can check yourself for over-pronation by analyzing a pair of used running shoes. If you find they are more worn along the inner edges or inner arch, you are probably over-pronating.

If you still aren’t certain, get your foot wet and walk along pavement outside. If you see toe and heel prints with a thin strip connecting the two, then you are not an over-pronater. If you see a full footprint where your arch has pressed against the ground, you are likely a good candidate for motion-controlled shoes.

Recommended Motion-Control Running Shoes:

ASICS Women's GEL-Foundation 8 Motion-Control Running Shoes

Asics Gel-Foundation 8 - These motion-control running shoes provide added foam in the midsole, so they absorb more of the pressure landing on the inner edge of your foot. The heel is also designed to support your foot when it strikes the ground, so you are at less risk of injury. Gel cushioning is added to the front and rear foot for support and comfort. Asics recommends this motion-controlled shoe for moderate to severe overpronation.

Brooks Women’s Addiction 10 - The midsole on this running shoe is designed to control pronation through an advanced structure known as Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB). This design makes the shoe a perfect fit for anyone struggling to control pronation on longer runs. It also has a rubber sole designed to hold up through many intense runs without breaking down.

Brooks Ariel 12 - This is a good selection if you suffer from more severe overpronation. Rather than featuring added cushioning for support in select sections, the entire shoe stabilizes your foot with added cushioning. This allows the shoe to support your foot wherever it is needed with each foot strike. This is also green design that comes with a biodegradable midsole, so it doesn’t sit in the landfill as long as other running shoes.

There are other motion-controlled running shoes offered by leading brand names, but these three offer exceptional support and stability for reasonable prices.

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