Mizuno Wave Creation
Running Shoes Review

The Mizuno Wave Creation running shoes will cost you a bit more than some other running shoes, but if you put in a lot of miles or need a dependable race day shoe, you may want to make the investment.

Mizuno Wave Creation Runing Shoes

The name of the shoe comes from the heel plate, which Mizuno calls the “infinity wave plate.” The shoe is designed for serious runners who put in long runs, but that doesn’t mean it is the perfect fit for every passionate runner.

Noteworthy Features of the Mizuno Wave Creation Running Shoes:

  • Heel wave plate
  • Neutral strike compatibility
  • Roomy toe box
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight

Heel Wave Plate

You will recognize the heel wave plate when you look at these women’s running shoes. This piece runs along the bottom of the shoe from the heel to the midsole. It is designed to provide greater absorption of force upon impact with the ground and to create a softer, more comfortable run. Consider it a plate designed to put a spring in your step.

Neutral Strike Compatibility

The Mizuno Wave Creation running shoe is designed for runners who have normal arches and do not over or under-pronate significantly. If you are interested in a comfortable running shoe designed for support on your longer runs, this is a good option to consider. It just won’t meet your needs if you are in the market for a motion control shoe or a shoe that helps correct over-pronation.

One thing to note is that the holes in the bottom of the shoe are not designed to collapse when you walk. Some shoes literally collapse and spring a bit when you step, but the material on these shoes is firm and will not collapse.

Roomy Toe Box

The toe box is important if you have fat or wide feet. You want your toes to fit comfortably without rubbing the upper part of the shoe or hitting the front of the shoe. While these shoes are not designed for wide sizes, the toe box is a bit roomier than you may have experienced in other running shoes. If you have wide feet, you may be able to wear these comfortably even without a wider size. If you have a particularly narrow foot, you might need to size down to make up for the extra roomy fit.

Stylish Design

You could describe the look of these shoes as tie-dyed. You can select from red, green, purple or a white shoe with colored accents. They all have the same marbled look, which many runners love. If you want a long-run shoe that looks just as good as it functions, this is one to consider.


The weight of your shoe is extremely important if you are training for a long-distance race or simply love to go out for long runs. Like many other women’s running shoes on the market today, Mizuno designed these shoes to be lightweight so that you can pick up your feet and go the distance comfortably.

What are Runners Saying?

Runners tend to love the cushioned fit of these shoes, especially when going out for long-distance runs. There is also major runner support for this style of the shoe. These are shoes that you can wear in daily life as well as out on runs, but you may want to save them for official runs so the miles don’t add up too quickly.

The only potential downside to the Mizuno Wave Creating running shoe is the wider toe box. Some runners have to size down to make up for the extra room, but many others find them quite comfortable even with the room. You can always go for a thicker sock if necessary.

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