Marathon Running Shoes Should
have These Essential Features

The best marathon running shoes for your feet may be entirely different than the best running shoes for someone else.

Marathon Runner

This is a personal shopping adventure that should lead you to a pair of comfortable shoes that provide the comfort and stability you need to roll through the miles without blisters or injuries. This guide will help you identify essential shoe features specific to marathon training, including some shoe suggestions for specific running needs.

Cushion in the Right Places

One of the main differences between running shoes is the amount of cushioning they feature and where that cushioning is added. You need to select well-cushioned shoes according to the type of foot going into the shoe.

Durable Material

Marathon running shoes must be durable because you are going to run them through many miles. You should be able to break in your shoes for a month or two prior to the race and still find them in good enough condition to make it through race day. This doesn’t mean that your marathon running shoes won’t have mesh or other lightweight material. It simply means that high-quality materials are used on the outsole to ensure they make it through your training schedule.

A good example of a durable running shoe is the Brooks Women’s Addiction 10 running shoe. The outsole is designed with abrasion-resistant material that extends the life of the overall shoe. This is a durable shoe that will carry you through the miles.

Reasonable Price for Marathon Running Shoes

Price is the last shoe feature you should consider because you want to ensure proper fit, maximum comfort and adequate support to ensure you comfortably and safely make it through your marathon. Yet, price is important because you will likely need to purchase more than one pair of marathon shoes. You will wear out the tread of your shoes in training and will need to purchase a new pair within the two months leading up to your race.

You may also want to purchase two or three pair of running shoes for your training period. This allows you to match your shoes to your running attire and rotate the shoes so that they wear down slowly. This process allows you to break all of the new shoes in at the beginning of your training period so that you are not slowed down at later points when new shoes are necessary.

If you find the perfect pair of shoes for your feet, catch them on sale and stock up, you never know when that particular version will be discontinued! This ensures that you have new shoes on hand whenever they are needed, and you can break in multiple pairs when necessary to prepare for an upcoming race season.  It is not uncommon for me to have two or three pairs of the same shoe at one time for rotation.

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