Women’s Running Shoes
Made Easy

Your next pair of women’s running shoes could make or break your training. The right pair of women’s running shoes could send you soaring through your training routines and across the finish line of an upcoming race in comfort. The wrong pair of shoes will leave you limping toward that finish line if you aren’t sidelined with an injury before you get to race day.

Women are busy and we make it easy for you to quickly find what you need. Running is our passion. You will find expert shoe buying guides and running tips on this site. It’s your time to fly and we’ll help you make it happen!

What to Look For:

There are four things you need to consider when purchasing a pair of running shoes for women:

1. Pronation

2. Width

3. Support

4. Style

Pronation refers to the angle of your ankle as your foot strikes the ground.  Use our buying tips on this website to determine your pronation from home or visit a store that sells women’s running shoes and allow them to analyze your pronation. You can still look online to find the best deals on the shoes most appropriate for your foot width, size, pronation and natural running style.

Woman Athlete

Sizing and width are critical when choosing your running shoes. We have sifted through hundreds of shoe options and made it easy for you to quickly find your perfect shoe.

Some running shoes for women provide more support than others. You can determine the support you need based on whether the shoes are for training or racing. Our buying guides help you in this process.  You can also select different running shoes for different seasons, and as your local climate may make a difference as well in your buying decision.

Shop with Confidence

Whether you are picking up your first pair of women’s running shoes or you just want information on the hottest picks for the upcoming season, you will find everything you need to shop with confidence right here on this site. If you are new to the market, read our buying guides and shopping tips to ensure you know what you are looking for when shopping online or in local stores. We will help you sort through this complicated market and find the perfect pair of shoes to support and protect your feet this season.

If you know what you are looking for but need some current recommendations, look at our detailed running shoe reviews and suggested shoes. If you plan on running more than 400 miles this season, bookmark the site and come back for more recommendations when you are ready to trade out those well-seasoned shoes for something fresh. New shoes are always hitting the market, and we will keep you updated.

Notice that style is last on the list of things you should consider when shopping for women’s running shoes. You may want a bright color that gets you excited to run or a funky style that reflects your personality. You may only care about the functional features of your shoe. The very best in women’s running shoes can give you the perfect run and help you look fabulous doing it.

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