Understand the Importance
of Running Shoes

Only avid runners seem to really appreciate the importance of running shoes and what a difference the right pair of shoes can make.

Running on a Trail

Walking and outdoor running are often considered the most universal forms of exercise because it is assumed that anyone with two functional legs can do it and you don’t need to invest in a lot of equipment. While it’s true that you can run in many locations indoors and outdoors, you cannot consider this a gearless sport.

Five Reasons to Take Your Running Shoes Seriously

You need the right clothing and shoes to safely and comfortably get the job done whether you are running for weight loss and general fitness or you are running professionally. Consider five reasons that it is important to select your running shoes with care:

1. Running shoes that fit your feet and running needs will significantly reduce your chances of developing common running injuries. You can prevent many overuse injuries simply by supporting your feet with well-selected foot gear.

2. Running is far more comfortable when your shoes are not rubbing against your heels or toes. Shoes that do not fit properly will lead to blisters, aches and pains that make it difficult to get through your planned run. You end up cutting your run short and limping home, and that interferes with progress toward your fitness goals. To avoid this, you need to fit your shoes according to the size of your feet later in the day when they have swollen. The right running socks are important as well.

3. Lightweight, flexible shoes are easier to pick up and move with during a run. Heavy shoes will start to feel like concrete blocks that are difficult to pull through each running stroke. You want your shoes to fit like a glove and move you forward rather than holding you back.

4. High-quality running shoes will last for more miles than lower-quality running shoes. While you may be tempted to buy the cheapest pair of running shoes you can find, understand that you will end up spending more money in the long-run as those cheap running shoes need to be replaced continually. If you stick with your running schedule and put in reasonable miles, you will save money by investing in higher-quality shoes from the start. 

5. Running shoes that you select with care will ensure that your running routine does not interfere with your daily life. If you have ever been so sore from running that walking up a flight of stairs felt like torture, you know that daily life can become torturous if you don’t take care of your body while working toward your fitness goals. Proper shoes that fit well will limit the aches and pains you feel so that you can keep up with daily life without calling off work or cancelling social dates.

While anyone with two functional legs can walk or run, you now see that this is not a gearless sport. Understand the importance of running shoes and take your running shoes just as seriously as you take your health and fitness goals. If you want to succeed, you need the right shoes on your feet.

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