How to Buy Running Shoes
That You Will Love

The best tip you will ever receive on how to buy running shoes is to allow your feet to guide the way.

How to Buy Women's Running Shoes That You Will Love

You can’t select this type of shoe based on the colors and styles that you find most attractive. You also cannot take the word from your friends on which shoes are the most comfortable. What feels comfortable to someone else may not feel so comfortable on your feet. All that matters is how your feet feel after running a few miles.

That leads us to another tip: shoes that feel comfortable standing in your living room or in a shoe store may not feel so great after a long run. It is important to select a size that fits comfortable while allowing for expansion of your feet throughout the day or during an intense workout. If you aren’t certain about sizing, it is always better to go up a half size than down. You can wear thicker socks to make up for a small amount of extra room, but shoes that are too small will leave blisters.

Learn the Terminology

When you read descriptions of running shoes online, take the time to look up words that are unfamiliar. If a shoe is designed with motion control, you need to understand what motion control is before you can determine if that shoe will work for your feet. You also want to understand different types of materials commonly used on running shoes. This knowledge will help you select the best shoes of the highest quality.

Look Beyond the Hype

Never assume that a shoe with advanced technology or unique features is better than a standard stability or motion control shoe. Not everyone needs to invest in the most advanced features, and some of those features may actually interfere with your running performance.

Your goal is to find a running shoe that works with the size and shape of your feet. You want to consider how your feet function and what type of support they need, and nothing else matters. If you don’t need advanced features or if new technology doesn’t seem important to you, then you may save some money by staying away from those newer models and picking up an older model that you know meets your needs.

Comfort and functionality is all that matters when it comes to running shoes. There are many advanced features that your feet may benefit from, but there are many others that may not do you any good. Learn about new features, but only buy into them if you really think they will help you meet your running goals.

how to buy running shoes With an Open Mind

You don’t want to become so loyal to one shoe brand that you never look at what other brands are offering. The same goes for a particular style of shoe. New running shoes are always hitting the market, and your needs will change with time. You may even find that you need two or more different types of running shoes to meet your running needs in different circumstances. I wear one type of shoe for speed workouts, another type of shoe for recovery runs or long runs and another type for races. They are all different brands, too! On the other hand, some runners prefer to wear the same style for every run.

Use the Internet to your advantage by researching the newest running shoes being released. Even if you decide that one brand or model is still best for your running needs, you will at least understand what new technology is being used and what new features are now on the market. You never know when something new will come along and change your preference entirely.

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