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Brand Popularity in 2014

If you are looking for good running shoes, there are some brands that are becoming very popular.

Good Running Shoes

Trends are constantly shifting in the women’s running shoe market. A few years back, many runners were lining up at shoe stores around the world to try on minimalist footwear that would allow their feet to run with just enough support for safety. Now, the trend is turning more towards lightweight, thick-soled shoes with less differential heel-to-toe than standard running shoes.

This is the merging of traditional shoe designs and the lower differential rate of minimalist footwear. Depending on your running style, pronation and the number of miles you put into your shoes each season, you will select a different running shoe than your best friend or running partner. That makes your shopping experience unique, but one of the following top running shoe brands will offer a shoe that fits you perfectly.

Hoka One One

If you want to look into the chunky-soled running shoes that you see pounding pavements in your local area, this is the brand to check into. Hoka One One makes women’s running shoes for trail runners and road runners, and their designs always keep pace with current running trends. Not only will your feet enjoy maximal support, but they will turn heads as you make your way through the trail, down the road or around the track.

One drawback with Hoka One One is the limited selection of good running shoes for women. You won’t find a variety of styles in their current lineup, but if you like what they do offer, there isn’t a lot of competition on today’s market.


If you want a well-respected running shoe brand that has been serving runners for generations, you cannot beat Nike. From rugged designs guaranteed to get you through the roughest trail runs with maximum comfort and safety to lightweight designs perfect for a summer stroll around the block, you will find an unbeatable selection of women’s running shoes from this brand.

Make sure to read descriptions carefully when shopping for Nike running shoes for women. The brand is known for making high-quality shoes for everyday wear as well as for a variety of sports. You want to select a design created for runners, and then you need the best design for your running style.


This good running shoe brand is known for making specialty designs that fit select needs. For instance, their women’s barefoot glove running shoes are high-quality and supportive without constricting your feet excessively. You will also find water shoes, hiking shoes and other specialty footwear from this brand.

New Balance

You can find New Balance running shoes in just about any local store that sells women’s running shoes as well as through thousands of online retailers serving consumers all over the world. This is by far one of the most popular shoe brands for everyday wear as well as for runners, so make sure you read descriptions to select shoes that fit your running needs.

This brand is known for offering leading trends as well as classical designs at affordable prices, so this is an excellent option if you are shopping on a budget but want quality shoes. There are also some higher-budget New Balance running shoes on the market, so shop around to find something that fits your budget and your feet.


If you want fresh style and top-quality designs that incorporate modern research in the running field, you can’t go wrong with Mizuno running shoes for women. Each shoe is constructed for superior performance, but they also feature some of the most distinctive looks on the market right now. The price tag may exceed some other good running shoe brands, but you can’t beat the quality and support.

If these leading women’s running shoe brands don’t meet your needs, you can always find more options from Puma, Adidas, Asics, Saucony and other long-standing brands in the shoe market.

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