How to Find the Right Running Shoes for You Online

If you are looking to find the right running shoes, one of the first things you learn when shopping for running shoes is that fit is critically important. You have to find the right shoes for the size, shape and natural arch of your feet. You have to consider the amount of pronation in your feet as you run and determine how much support and cushioning is most comfortable for you. All of those considerations may seem to rule out online shopping, but that isn’t entirely true.

Find the Right Running Shoes Online

You can check your feet to determine how much arch you have and to determine your level of pronation without stepping foot into a shoe store. From there, it is possible to shop for shoes designed for your level of pronation or running needs without physically trying on the shoes. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit a local store. It simply means that shopping for the perfect running shoes online is entirely possible.

Why Online Shopping Might Be Best for You?

You should consider shopping online instead of in local stores if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

1. Your work schedule makes it difficult to make it to specialty stores that sell the best running shoes in your area. You can shop online at any time.

2. You don’t have a specialty running store in your area. These stores have professionals on hand to measure your feet and help you find the perfect running shoe. If you shop in other stores, you are shopping blind without professional guidance. You can get better advice reading websites and blogs when shopping online.

3. You are shopping on a tight budget. You can get far better deals by shopping online. Even if you try on shoes at a local store, you may want to identify the right shoe for your feet and then go online to get the best deal. You will get more shoe for your dollar when you shop online sales.

4. Stores in your local area do not have the best selection of running shoes. You can find more colors and styles from the best brands if you shop online. This is especially important if you need a wide running shoe, since local stores may not stock many of wide styles.

The Best Strategy to Find the Right Running Shoes Online

If you decide to shop online for any of these reasons, the following strategy will help you find the best shoes for your feet even if you can’t get to a local store to try on shoes:

1. Read sizing guides and buying guides available through most sites that sell running shoes. This will help you determine whether certain sizes fit a big small or big compared to other brands. It is always better to go up a half size when you are not sure because you can wear thicker running socks for a comfortable fit. You cannot make up for shoes that are too small.

2. Determine the site’s return policy before making a purchase. This will ensure that you can return the shoes if they don’t fit properly. Some sites allow you do returns or exchanges up to 30 days even after running in the shoes outside.

3. Shop through Amazon or other websites that encourage buyers to leave reviews. Look for reviews that were written after the buyer wore their shoes for at least one run. These reviews will help you determine whether a particular shoe will meet the specific needs of your feet.

4. To find the right running shoes, read the descriptions of shoes thoroughly. This will help you determine whether a shoe is designed for neutral feet or whether a shoe is designed with motion control for overpronation. You will also learn about the material of the shoe to ensure that it is appropriate for the season during which you will wear the shoe. For instance, a breathable shoe with a lot of mesh is best for spring and summer but may not work for winter running.

Remember, you can always try a shoe on through a local store and then shop online for the color, size and price that is best for you. Never limit yourself to the selection you find in local stores.

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