Why the Cheapest Running Shoes
May Not Be the Best Choice

If you are thinking of buying the cheapest running shoes on the market, you may want to think again.

Cheapest Running Shoes

You see those stylish runners racing around your neighborhood or the local park. They are wearing expensive running shoes that you know are way out of your budget. You may look down at your cheap running shoes and wonder why so many runners spend so much of their hard-earned money on shoes that they only wear for runs.

The fact is that most runners do not buy their running shoes based on price or style. They buy those fancy runners because they know that the perfect shoe for their foot will improve their performance. In most cases, the cheapest running shoes do not measure up to the expectations of serious runners.

Long-Term Price of the Cheapest Running Shoes

One of the biggest problems with cheap running shoes is the low-quality material and construction. These shoes may not cost much upfront, but you will end up replacing them over and over as they fall apart. If you don’t run many miles in a week, then you may still find your cheap shoes better for your budget.

If you put in more miles or put your shoes through long runs, you will find that your long-term cost of replacing torn up shoes is much higher than the cost of buying higher-quality shoes from the start. It will also negatively affect your training as you will have to break in new shoes repeatedly.

If the Shoe Fits

Beyond the consideration of basic material and construction quality, the best running shoes are the ones that fit your feet best. This is why you see runners wearing so many different shoes. There is no single women’s running shoe that is perfect for everyone. You have to analyze your feet, your running goals and your running locations to determine what shoes are going to provide the support and comfort that you need for excellent performance.

Running shoes selling for $50 or less may claim to incorporate advanced technology or specialty designs, but they are probably not made from the best quality materials. Shoes running $200 or more may seem to have it all just to warrant that price tag, but they may still not be the right pick for your feet.

Most women can buy running shoes that retail for around $100 and find the perfect fit for their feet. If that seems like a lot to you, identify the shoes that fit your needs best and then shop sale prices. You can often find high-quality shoes for $50 or less on sale, but they sell out fast in the most popular sizes.

Save Your Pennies for a Running Day

Many runners save for months before investing in running shoes. Once they purchase a new pair, they start saving for the next pair so that they can make the purchase in another 300-400 miles. If you are serious about your performance and want to make sure your runs are as safe as possible, your running shoes are worth the investment.

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