Save Money Buying New Running Shoes and Still Get Quality

Buying new running shoes doesn’t need to drain your entire life savings.  You can still make an investment in good shoes and get a good deal if you shop right.

Save Money Buying New Running Shoes

You have taken the time to get to know your feet and have thought about your running needs in depth. You know what type of shoes will work best for your feet, but you aren’t happy with the prices you see on the market. You know you need to invest in high-quality shoes if you want to reach your goals without suffering injuries, but you also know that your budget is limited.

You can get reasonable prices on running shoes as long as you know what you are shopping for and take the time to find the right price. The first step is to determine the type of shoes that will fit the shape, size and pronation tendencies of your feet. You can then use the following tips to get the best prices on high-quality, brand name shoes that keep your feet safe and adequately supported.

Shop for Discounts When BUYING NEW RUNNING SHOES

The highest-quality shoes are sometimes the most expensive options, but you should never pay full retail price for running shoes. You can search for the exact shoes you want to purchase to determine the general going price for the shoe. You can then decide to purchase the lowest-priced pair available or wait for a sale offering lower prices.

Online Shopping

Amazon offers discount prices on shoes every day, so you may want to continue checking on your ideal shoes for a price you can afford. Even if you need to run in lower-priced shoes right now, you will eventually find a more reasonable price on your dream shoes.

When you shop through other stores online, make sure to consider the shipping prices into your overall expenses for a shoe. Even when you find a great deal on the shoe ,the shipping charges can make the deal less sweet. Sites like Road Runner Sports offer free shipping and free returns when buying new runnning shoes from their store. Look for other sites that have low or free shipping costs.

If you sign up for newsletters or follow blogs and social media accounts for your favorite online shoe retailers, you can get exclusive online discount codes or coupons. Apply those discounts to sale prices and you can get unbelievable deals on some running shoes.

Of course, you can also get discounts through outlet stores when buying new running shoes. You may not have access to specialty running store outlets, but if you do, you have instant access to discount prices.

Memberships that Deliver Discounts

Have you ever thought about joining a runner’s club? If so, you may find the discounts those clubs sometimes offer an incentive to finally sign up. You can get details for various runner’s clubs and groups online. Some may have membership fees, but if the give you valuable discounts and lots of information on running, you may consider them a wise investment because of the big savings when buying new running shoes or apparel.

Consider Older Models

Many high-quality running shoes are released each year with updated features, so the older models become more affordable with each release. If you cannot afford the most recent release of a shoe, you may find that previous versions of the shoe are within your budget.

If you find a shoe that is being discontinued soon, you will often find them at reduced prices. This is good for your budget today, but keep in mind that you won’t likely find another pair once you wear this pair out. If you really love the shoes, consider purchasing multiple pairs just in case they are no longer available when you need them.

Use Your Shoes Responsibly

The best way to get the most out of your shoes is to wear them with great care. If you wear your shoes every day, all day long, they will wear out faster. Conserve your running shoes for running, and use them for the type of running they were designed to handle. The more you care for your shoes, the longer they will hold up for your running needs.

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