Brooks Ravenna Women’s
Running Shoe Review

Brooks Ravenna Running Shoes

You will find the semi-curved Brooks Ravenna running shoes an affordable and stylish option if you have neutral pronation or need just a touch of pronation support. They are constructed for comfort as well as light support, but they won’t offer the support your feet will require if you are a severe over-pronater. You may also find these running shoes ideal if you have wide feet. They aren’t marketed as wide shoes, but runners with wide feet often find them roomier than other women’s running shoes.

Noteworthy Features of The Brooks Ravenna:

  • Lightweight
  • Segmented crash pad
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Cushioned, adjustable midsole
  • Wide toe box
  • Stylish color options

Lightweight Design

You never want your running shoes to weigh you down, and the Ravenna runners will definitely keep you flying through miles. The light construction was designed for speed, and most consumer reviewers verify that they are light and flexible as expected.

Segmented Crash Pad

Running shoes are designed with crash pads that help your foot roll through each strike against the ground. The crash pad on the Ravenna running shoe is segmented so that it supports each area of your foot equally as you roll through each strike. This is a cushioned crash pad that most runners find incredibly comfortable, but it is most important because it provides the support neutral runners and mild over-pronaters require for safe and comfortable running.

Adjustable Saddle

You will find that these running shoes have a snugger fit around the middle of the shoe than some other running shoes. This is due to the saddle’s ability to adjust to the shape of each user’s foot. You have probably heard runners talking about shoes that fit like a glove, and this construction gives these shoes that type of fit. This doesn’t make the shoe tight or cause blisters through rubbing. It simply adjusts to your foot for a more supportive fit through the middle.

Cushioned, Adjustable Midsole

The midsole of your shoe is important because it will affect how your shoe fits and how comfortable you find your shoes. Ravenna running shoes has a BiMoGo midsole with DNA cushioning that is advanced technology that allows the cushioning of the shoe to adjust according to each user’s foot. This is the cushioning that makes many runners decide that Ravenna runners are more comfortable than other options from other brands.

Wide Toe Box

The Ravenna 5 running shoes have a slightly expanded toe box from earlier versions of the shoe. If you typically need wide running shoes, you may not need to go up a size in these shoes.

Stylish Color Options

Ravenna running shoes don’t come in a wide selection of color options like some other women’s running shoes, but the options available are colorful and stylish. If you want to look good while providing the support your feet need, Ravenna may offer something that fits your personality.

What are Consumers Saying?

Brooks Ravenna running shoes are one of those products that consumers love. There aren’t many negative reviews for the shoe, so you will probably love them as well as long as you have neutral to slightly over-pronated feet. What most runners tend to love is the extra cushioning which gives the shoe a light, airy feel.

Many runners switch to these Brooks running shoes after wearing other brands and find them slightly more comfortable even when they offer less support than other shoes. Running specialty stores recommend these shoes to many customers as well, which is valuable insight if you don’t have the luxury of being fitted through a specialty store.

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