Select the Best Running Shoes for
Treadmill Running

The best running shoes for treadmill running may be different from the running shoes you would take for a run around the block.

Best Running Shoes for Treadmill Running

You may use still another running shoe when training for a marathon or putting in mega miles as a weekend warrior. You may have a variety of interests as a runner, but you need to select your treadmill running shoes with care. Your feet will receive the support they need to safely pass the miles, and you will suffer from fewer blisters and injuries.

Get to Know Your Feet

Once you have determined that you are shopping for a pair of running shoes suitable for the treadmill, you need to collect some information about your feet:

  • Do you typically need a wide-width shoe?
  • Do you have a high arch?
  • Do you over-pronate or do you have flat feet?
  • What is your true shoe size based on your feet fully swollen later in the day?

Your feet will naturally swell a little over the course of the day, so it is always best to shop for the best running shoes for treadmill running after you have been on your feet for a while. It is also a good idea to have your feet measured in a shoe store so that you know your true size. That size may still vary with different running shoe brands depending on your width and your arch.

Motion-control running shoes are your best option if you tend to over-pronate or have flat feet. Some shoes are designed with enhanced arch support for those with high arches. Yet, many runners with slightly high arches can wear neutral running shoes.

Regardless of your pronation and foot design, you will need more cushioning in the heel of your shoe. Your foot will naturally strike more to the heel when you run on a treadmill.

Go Light and Flex

The best treadmill running shoes are lightweight and flexible. You want your feet to feel as if they can move naturally and push through your natural slide without restriction. Light and flexible is essential to avoid shin splints and other common, but avoidable, injuries.

Recommended Best Running Shoes for Treadmill Running

Brooks Glycerin 11

Brooks Glycerin 11 - If you have a neutral pronation or slightly high arch, you may appreciate that these neutral-designed shoes come in a variety of splashy colors that make running fun. They are designed to be lightweight and flexible without losing the support you need when running on a treadmill. Cushioning is provided for all parts of the foot, and the cushioning is designed to protect the foot as it rolls through each downward strike.

Brooks Pure Cadence - These women’s running shoes are a good option for those who overpronate. They feature a reinforced heel which is important when running on the treadmill, and they will support your foot for greater motion control so that you can run safely.

Asics Gel-Fortitude 5 - If you are an overweight runner or just have wide feet, you may appreciate the expanded toe box and other wide-friendly features on this shoe. It is still lightweight, flexible and supportive, but it may fit larger feet more comfortably than many other running shoes.

If you already have a favored pair of running shoes for outdoors or trails, you may find that those shoes work just as well for your feet on the treadmill as they do outdoors. Pay attention to any new aches and pains associated with the running shoes you use on the treadmill to help you determine if you need a separate pair of treadmill running shoes or not.

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