Adidas Boost Women’s
Running Shoe Review

The Adidas Boost is one of the top women’s running shoes on the market today.

Adidas Boost

Some running shoes hit the market with an innovative feature and create a dramatic splash in the market. In 2013, one of those shoes was the Boost from Adidas. The innovative feature was a new type of foam, which stands out when you first pick up the shoe. The question is whether runners have found this new foam as sensational as marketers hyped it up to be, and whether Adidas Boost is the right running shoe for your feet.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Boost foam
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible toe box
  • Versatile style

Boost Foam

This foam is what drew a lot of attention to this pair of running shoes when they were first released. While a lot of cushioning is offered for a thicker sole design, the foam is incredibly lightweight and is designed to give more of a bouncy feel when you run. That extra bounce comes from the energy-returning design of the foam. This foam absorbs more of the force created when your feet strike the ground and send some of the energy back up to your body.

Lightweight Design

When you first look at the Boost shoe, you may think it is too clunky or heavy for your needs. This is due to the thick foam that cushions the bottom of the shoe and gives it a distinctive visual style. Yet, when you pick up the shoe, you realize that it is incredibly lightweight. This is a shoe that won’t hold your feet back when you want to pick up the speed.

Flexible Toe Box

The toe box is an important part of any running shoe because it can make the difference between a comfortable run and a run ending in painful blisters. Adidas designed the Energy Boost running shoes with mesh over the toe box and a flexible design. The box will expand or contract as you run, creating a more customized fit to your feet.

The Adidas Boost Versatile Style

Adidas Energy Boost in Yellow

Do you wear your running shoes for everyday activities? If so, you will find these runners suitable for shuttling the kids around town or running errands. They are designed for speed when racing, but many runners find them comfortable for everyday wear as well. They are durable enough to keep up with your running miles without wearing down when you sport them during off-running hours.

What are Runners Saying?

It turns out the innovative foam on these shoes hits the spot for runners. The overwhelming consensus is that Boost foam is springy and comfortable without adding weight to the shoe. For long runs and comfortable race day speed, these almost-minimalist shoes are just right for many runners.

Some runners say that these shoes fit a bit smaller than other running shoes, but then some runners say they run a bit large. This may be due to the design of the shoe around the middle of the foot. It should feel snug, but not so tight that you will end up with blisters. If you have never worn Adidas shoes before, you may want to try a pair on at a local store before purchasing online.

For some runners, the Energy Boost shoes feel more like a minimalist shoe than a structured running shoe. They also have the appearance of a minimalist shoe if you overlook the thick addition of the Boost foam. This doesn’t mean that your feet won’t get the support they need from the shoe, but they won’t work if you need a lot of support. If you want to find a pair of shoes that offer some support while allowing your feet to move as they are naturally inclined, these shoes are an option.

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